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What is the difference between those who profit – who make wise investments with their savings, even in the most difficult times – and those who are in constant financial turmoil? Profitable individuals are informed, educated and therefore they take a different quality of action in their investment. They have a completely different quality of thinking that drives them to make the most sound financial decisions. Their focus is on how to create and maintain their wealth and with such a drive, they will always succeed.
Extraordinary profits are achieved not by willpower or mere motivation, but by utilizing tools an information that will give you the true competitive edge. But the question is, where do you go about finding the highest quality tools and investment strategies that will give you that competitive edge.

Would you take your car to get fixed by a mechanic who’s own car doesn’t work? Likewise, would you take financial advice from someone that’s poor? You must find qualified individuals to get the services, products, and information you want. Otherwise, there’s an incredibly higher chance to receive a product that doesn’t work, or worse, does you more damage than good. You need to make sure the creator or provider is credible.

Michael Poggi is a nationally recognized public speaker and professional investor, developer and author Michael speaks on how to buy real estate and invest in many other venues using your [RA or old 401K plan, through the power of self directing. In fact, he shows people how they can transform their IRA’s and I01 K’s into completely self managed money making machines, creating cash flow monthly and while being TAX FREE. In addition, Michael Poggi is the President and Founder of The Millionaires Investment Group, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is the largest commercial real estate group in the state of Florida, meeting on a monthly basis to network and partner on real estate ventures of all You can find Michael as a featured guest on the Money Talk radio shows_ His company, Build Wealth With Land, LLC, is one of the Largest land providers in the LLB.., providing hundreds of secure vacant lots yearly to investors and builders. And amazingly, Michael does all of this legally Tax Free!

Michael Poggis Products will teach you everything Michael learned about building wealth and generating Large profits Tax Free and passively.. You MI learn from Mike’s costly mistakes. Mistakes that can cast you thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millionaires of dollars_ Experience doesn’t came cheap, and Michael proves that statement in his journey financial freedom. But, now that experience can be passed on to you – without the million dam price tag.

Our products are based upon one fundamental premise: to create Lasting profits passively. Tapping into your current wealth and transforming it into awesome money growing machines. Making your money work for you.