Poggi Wealth Institute

The Poggi Wealth institute is dedicated to providing financial enrichment and en5ghtenment. Our goal is to educate and motivate people about creative investment opportunities and show them alternate methods of generating and keeping a life-tasting wealth. Explore our website and check out some of the new turn-key investment opportunities we update regularly. Eluid your portfolio and secure your future!
We are the industry leading professionals in creative turn-key investment solutions. What’s more, is that we teach how you can apply those investment. solutions and how you can do so Tax-Free. That means growing your wealth exponentially and without Uncle Sam removing a large chunk of it every year. These are the same tax-free weakh building strategies many CEO’s and business executives use_ Even pobticians apply these tax-free strategies to protect their wealth. And its all legal and can done for you.

Michael Poggi, the founder of Poggi Wealth Institute, has been the industry’s leading authority in alternative wealth-building strategies. Michael Poggi is a nationally recognized public speaker and professional investor, developer and author. Michael speaks on how to buy real estate and invest in many other venues using your IRA or oki 401K plan through the power of self directing it. In fact, he shows people how they can transform their IRA’s and 401 K’s into completely self managing money making machines, creating cash flow monthly and TAX FREE In addition, Michael Poggi is the President and Founder of The Millionares Investment Group, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is the largest commercial real estate group in the state of Florida, meeting on a monthly basis to network and partner on real estate ventures of all You can find Michael as a featured guest on the Money Talk radio shows. His company. Budd Wealth With Land, LLC, is one of the largest land providers in the U.S_, providing hundreds of secure vacant lots yearly to investors and builders. And amazingly. Michael does all of this legally Tax Free!